Sunday, August 10, 2008

How the Sirians are present on Earth at this time

Lori Tostado

The Sirian souls come in many fashions, most as dolphins and whales (the cetaceans), who are the most fully conscious sentient beings on this planet. The reason for this is that as cetaceans, beings don't experience such harsh separation and feelings of isolation from Earth mother and Nature, like humans tend to. Cetaceans are truly the caretakers of the Earth. Humans were meant to share in this role of caring for the Earth and all of life on and in it, but most humans have been "asleep" for a very long time now, and are rapidly destroying themselves as well as Earth and Nature. The Sirians, along with many others, are here to help us change that.

Another way the Sirians appear in physical form on Earth are as human "starseeds," those who have spent most of their lifetimes in a Sirian body but have chosen to incarnate as an Earth human for a specific purpose, either through birth or as walk-ins.

Then, there are some who come in as emissaries, who have chosen to spend most all their lifetimes in this cycle as Earth humans, and most of them are or have been in the process of being "awakened" by their Sirian guides on other dimensions. These guides are working with the physical beings' Light Bodies as well as their physical, mental, and emotional bodies, to prepare them to come to full consciousness.

Our relationship to the Sirians:

About two million years ago, the Sirians began adding some of their own DNA to the genetic material of Homo Sapiens' forebearers. They helped create the bodies we have now; so genetically, we are almost identical to them. The main physical differences are that Sirians tend to be taller than we are, with larger and more fully-developed brains, and they live much longer than Earth humans. In fact, the Sirian brain has another lobe above the frontal, much like dolphins and whales have. It allows them to have stereoscopic vision: in other words, they can see inside of an object as well as the outside and opposite side in the third dimension. Also, the Sirians, as well as cetaceans, have tremendous telepathic and psychic abilities. The telepathic communication is focused through the fourth or heart chakra, more so than through the fifth and sixth chakras. This makes the communication much more loving than words or thoughts alone. The Sirians also helped genetically co-create the dolphin/whale forms, and that is one reason many Sirian souls are so attracted to incarnate on Earth as cetaceans. They love to joyfully become their co-creations.
The Sirians who are in etheric or in their native form are now working with many of us not only on activating and opening our five higher inter-planetary chakras and portions of our brains that have been dormant, but they are also working on our genetic structure. Human DNA is going to be shifting back to its original twelve-strand helix from the current double strand. Now for those of us who are adults, our DNA in our bodies will not be changing much. But for those of us who have small children or will have children in the not-too-distant future, the Sirians are working with many of us to actually change the DNA in our ova and sperm. This will then make sure the children are being born with their full 12-strand DNA and automatically already have the infrastructure within their physical bodies for being fully conscious. Therefore, they will not have to be "retro-fitted" like us adults!

The Sirians are members of a large Galactic Federation, and some time before our so-called "recorded history," Earth used to be a part of this Federation also. There are claims that differ from source to source on what happened that caused humans to either leave or be left out of the Federation after some sort of genetic manipulation disaster. But now, Earth is coming into a great change, and it seems everyone wants to be here to see what happens, some as participants like the Sirians, and some as observers. After the Ascension, Earth will once again be an active member in the Galactic Federation.

The Ascension
This Ascension process can and will manifest in many different ways, and it is up to all of us collectively to decide how and when this occurs. Creating the Ascension starts with each of us, on the inside. The Sirian guides who I know, have stressed to me time and again that the most important thing to do is to go inside our hearts, be open to Love Unconditionally.
The Sirians are working with/as individual human beings first, then are giving us hints as to what's happening, as we meet others and form little groups together that interconnect with one another, and then we begin to share our experiences. Later, this would lead to more conscious understanding of what their/our purpose is in the transformation of planet Earth as it goes into Ascension. The Ascension will be like a key, opening and anchoring the Light Body with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, allowing them to integrate and thereby give each individual much greater access to higher dimensions and experiences of Oneness with others. Imagine that! No one would ever have to feel loneliness again! There really would be no "other," because everyone would realize their connection to the whole. Of course, all these things happening would still be the choice of every one. I know what I'm going to choose.

What the future really holds, I don't know, but I envision a great paradigm shift, and a re-birth for Earth and its symbiotic companions that live here physically and in other dimensions. We are all here to experience this fantastic journey, and there are many from other realms, dimensions, universes, and star systems who are here to help us. The Sirians are some of those beings. They work with some of us on the third dimension in subtle ways that we cannot easily see with our mere five physical senses, and on higher dimensions in more blatant and direct ways, which we still can't perceive unless we have access to those dimensions. Well, we do have access, just not usually in a conscious state. So they often work with us in dream states, when our consciousnesses are not being so affected by our personality and ego filters that make our worlds look as if they are neat little "boxes," where everything either has to fit inside, or else it's not real.

The Sirians have been blasting away at my little "box" for a long time now, and they're beginning to succeed, because I'm finally just beginning to get conscious, but subtle contact with them. And they wouldn't have been able to do any of this to me without my permission, I know this is true. They are helping me so that I can "wake up" and become FULLY CONSCIOUS. They are doing this with many people at this time. My real life's work, I believe, is to raise my spiritual consciousness, and help others who want to do the same. I believe that is what the Sirians want--for us to raise our spiritual consciousnesses, collectively, so that Earth can return to its former glory, and to re-join the Galactic Federation. I feel that I myself, still have quite a ways to go in accomplishing my goal.

Here is a little poem my Sirian guide Aruna gave me recently, about who we are.

You are a beautiful Ship
Sailing on the infinite Seas
Of Time, Space, and Light.
You are this great Freedom
Caught in a web of Limitation.
But look around yourself,
At the bigger picture,
And you will see,
The web is very small,
And you are so Vast!
Yet, concentrated,
In one small vessel.
We are all a part of the Great
Let us join hands,
And make our way back home,
Just take may hand,
Dear Friend,
With Love in our Hearts,
We find the Light.


Anonymous said...

hey , are you a member of the goldring site if not .this ite will help you . and i am part sirian .and if you are a member my profile name is EtherealAbyss . :) you are welcome to the goldring . and ill help you . light and love michael :)

Anonymous said...

i have wondered for the last two weeks why i feel how i do. i dont know that this is the reason, this sirian aided ascension, but it seems like it.

that or a ruse to flush out the awkening ones and draw them in to traps. ive fallen in to one, talking to people about awakening. im now drawn in to a mental health situation and they are going to medicate me. i feel this is not of a loving nature, and i fear that my wife is not awakened and is under the influence of very negative forces, as we constantly do not see eye to eye on anything and are constantly in agitation.

i presently fear for my safety. im not paranoid, im just worried that there are negative energies that do not want me awakening any others, specifically my wife.

what am i to do?

Max said...

Dear Anonymous, I had an awakening last April and thought I too was going mad as my symptoms were the same as paranoid schzophrenic. I was confused and unable to do normal mundane things and thought I would loss my job as well as my mind. My Sirian Guide made contract with me telepathically. I am now an excellent psychic and clairvoyent and have telepathic powers and mediumship and can do trance work. Do not fight it, drink lots of water, lighter healthier food choices, meditation and deep breathing. Research Enlightenment and Kudalini. Love and light Soroya.

flo said...

Not sure we can blame Sirians for every single schyzophrenic/ paranoid current mental illness, but I too have been experiencing that for the last past year (both of you guys . There have been some extremly hard times. Doing much better now, but still havent identified what's happening to me. It sure has a link to spiritual evolution (kundalini awakening/grace in 98 in my case), emotional states, and telepatic abilities. I like the idea of Sirian linking tho ^^
Thanks for your answer max : )

Quinton O said...

I am diagnosed Schizo-affective, which is somewhat like mild schizophrenia consisting of atleast one "bizarre delusion" I don't even insist on my delusion that my soul happens to relate to the story and character role of Mammon the prince of greed, but I suppose it is a bizarre thought, just groping in the darkness for identity is all, nothing seems to fit. I know now that I am a starchild and you should too. I'm not saying everyone is but I am saying that those who are tend to doubt themselves, as I have gone through about 20 years of progressively intensifying self doubt. I'm only 30. I have not ascended, I am starting to feel some of the effects could be a flu but im not sick. I have systemically alienated everyone and everything in my life that does not display compatibility with my inner instincts. This isolation has culminated with the discovery that I AM smarter than my parents lol. That I should trust my instincts. That there is something wrong with the world. That my sense of mission and purpose is not misplaced. My advice to anyone, especially dude being medicated drifting from his wife in the 2011 comment. My heart goes out to you. My advice is stay calm, stay objective, stay open and get healthy! Pursue your curiousities, find your answers and trust your instincts. If something fits for you than IT FITS, if something doesnt fit for you than IT DOESNT FIT. Do not allow our messed up world tell you what you are allowed to identify with. At the same time, you do not need anyone to believe you or talk about it with you. Make friendships based on honest hinting at the truth without being overt. It is the need for friendship and acceptance that compells to blabber blabber blabber witha bunch of 3d humans trapped in a box of self doubt. It is insanity to expect them to comfort you, they will attack you. However they are friends. You can satisfy your need for acceptance by finding people who agree with your principles and your spirituality who share your values as this is the aspect in which we are more advanced. Find those things about your origin and identity which define you emotionally, and start talking about those rather than about being an alien that you may or may not be able to substantiate. Further more have respect for the validity of the point that is being made violently. Unless you can prove it, it is nothing more than a belief. Some lower intelligences who don't understand emotionally are afraid of being brainwashed by a bunch of delusional weakling crackpots. Respect their fear, love them, be objective, do not push issues that are not proven. Persuade them to share your beliefs, values and principles. When they discover what you are, if they have connected with you on a spiritual values level then they will not be afraid of your origins.

I am too calm, objective and open to be crazy. Perhaps you should reconsider what you think is possible.

Godspeed! Namaste, that is. You are a God, and I believe in you!

Quinton O said...
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Chloe said...

Beautiful post about our cosmic siblings, the Sirians. Thank you for it =)

Chloe said...

By the way, I embedded a link to this beautiful post in my own blog post about the Lyrans & Sirians; here it is:

Thanks again!

S said...

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